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jQuery tips and tricks

jQuery Tabs Plugin | My first jQuery Plugin

So building on the previous post Pure Javascript Tabs with HTML 5 and CSS3 I have decided to make my first jQuery plugin which is just going to be the tabbed navigation that we created previously. We’re going to use the same HTML5 page but with the help of some more CSS styling we’re going… Read More »

Dynamically add DOM elements with jQuery

Ok so someone at work has built a form and then the boss comes back and says he wants to cross sell the products entered into the input fields by dynamically creating a list with links to alternative products and accessories. Unfortunately the person who has built the form page is away so you’ve got… Read More »

Easy jQuery Carousel

Ok, so we’ve all seen them sliding across our screen, fading in and out, shaking, twisting, shouting look at me, I’m clever. They probably started out as an animated gif of javascript if you were clever, went to being Flash, when flash was in fashion (Macromedia 8 or CS3) and all the cool kids or so… Read More »