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Introducing Respondsass for Compass

Today, I’m going to show you Respondsass, my collection of .scss files to help speed up web development. It has been designed to be configurable but lightweight so only has the css you need. It’s built 320 mobile first and up, using ems in the media queries for future friendly websites. So what is it… Read More »

Sass Mixins – Taking it up a level.

Today we’re taking it up a notch. We’ve had a good grounding in the basics of Sass. We’ve also explored Compass and Scout and what they can do for us so now it’s time to delve further in and look it depth at Sass and in particular mixins today. Ok…. So knowing me we’ll probably… Read More »

Compass, Sass and CSS3 greatness

Part 2 of, what is to become my Sass series. This one will introduce us to Compass and all the great functionality that comes with it. But before we dive into that lets quickly have a look at installation of Sass and Compass. Installation (The wrong way) It’s not the wrong way and if you… Read More »

What is SASS?

Today the question is what is sass? As you may have noticed I’ve been away for a while. Big project at work, lots of things to learn and just not enough time to write the blog. But now it’s time to start again and what better subject than my new favourite thing SASS. What is… Read More »