CSS3 Box Sizing

Just a quick one today about the CSS3 property box-sizing. I’ve been busy this week so I’m a little late with my post and also it’s not the one I intended to write but it’s a good tip that I found out this week. I found out about whilst looking for something else and would… Read More »

Dino Pairs Game | Using CSS3 Animation

Today were talking about how I created my Dino Pairs Game using CSS3 animations. This tutorial only really works in Chrome because I’m using 3d transforms. The game is playable in Firefox but better in Chrome. So yeah I’ve had a bit of time off and had a little dabble with games. I’ve been having… Read More »

CSS 3 Media Queries

CSS3 Media Queries. OK, first serious topic of the year is a title I actually wrote down back in May last year (during my period of high activity on the site) but then the sleepless nights caught up with me and then before you know it it’s Christmas. This is THE hot topic around the… Read More »

2012 – Time to Crush it.

Ok, I know what you are gonna say. WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN? And you’d be right. I’ve had lots of things going on this year. Not least the birth of my youngest son, who seems to be nocturnal. Work has been busy and I’ve had my head buried in books learning all sorts… Read More »

Convert XML to JSON | Quick Tip

Quick tip on changing XML to JSON for easier parsing of feeds. So I’m at work trying to bring in an RSS feed and parse it onto the site. But every time I try, I get an error. The response is OK but there is no data in the XML object. So after some digging… Read More »